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CASWELL FIRESAFE® systems are classed as Passive Fire Protection and have achieved the highest verified fire resistance (BS476 : Part 24 up to 4 hrs) to protect against the spread of fire from one compartment to another.
CASWELL FIRESAFE® provides this assurance with their Passive Fire Protection Products, without the need for fire dampers, enclosures, spray or fabric coverings.

CASWELL FIRESAFE® products are also used for smoke evacuation control; in which case passive fire systems must operate under fire conditions. It can be used to quickly and safely exhaust smoke and, as an integral part of a pressurised system, prevent it from entering protected fire escape routes, specifically stairwells, to maximise valuable escape time. Ducts which penetrate compartment walls and floors must achieve the same fire resistance as the compartments through which they pass.

The system was first developed and tested in the early 2000’s in accordance with British Standard BS476 Part 24 (1987) at Warrington Fire Research (now Exova Warringtonfire). Since then the introduction of harmonised European Standards has meant further investment and testing in order to meet UK and European legislation including CE marking.

The products we provide have been tested to BS 476-24 (1987) and EN 1366-1 (2013) which is equivalent to ISO 6944-1 (2008) for up to 4 hours stability and integrity and up to 4 hours insulation (fire outside duct) and 2 hours insulation (fire inside duct).

CASWELL FIRESAFE® Key specification parameters:

  • Rectangular duct up to 3000 mm x 3000 mm
  • Circular duct up to 1250mm diameter
  • Special panel construction ducts up to 8m longest side
  • Horizontal and vertical orientations
  • Available in Mild steel, Galvanised Steel & Stainless Steel
  • Conventional or Fully Welded ‘Grease Tight’ construction
  • Test evaluation for ‘Fire Outside’ & ‘Fire Inside’ scenarios
  • High-temperature balancing dampers
  • Fire rated Access Doors (Insulated and Uninsulated)
  • Fire rated Silencers
  • Bespoke design for ductwork support systems
  • Insulation systems providing 30 min > 240 min rating to BS 476-24 and up to 120 mins to EN 1366-1

Click Caswell Firesafe Product Data Sheet BS Version 2.0 to go to its PDF link which provides more information on Duct Fire Protection. This details the range of capabilities for which CASWELL FIRESAFE® is certified. Details apply equally to horizontal and vertical (riser) ductwork and the information relates to both Fire Outside Duct (Type A) and Fire Inside Duct (Type B) fire performance testing.




We work closely with UL® (our Notified Body) and have our products listed on their online system. CASWELL FIRESAFE® is also listed in conjunction with our UK licenced Partner in the Red Book Live

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