EN 1366-1 & 8 SYSTEMS

CASWELL FIRESAFE® non-coated fire resisting ductwork systems are classed as Passive Fire Protection and have achieved the verified fire resistance to protect against the spread of fire from one compartment to another within a building.

They provide this assurance without the need for enclosures, spray coatings or fabric coverings.

CASWELL FIRESAFE® product is now available to EN 1366-1 & 8  for up to 120 minutes Integrity and up to 120 minutes Insulation for both Fire Outside Duct (Type A) and Fire Inside Duct (Type B) scenarios.

Go to BS476:Part 24 (1987) for details of our British Standard range.

Following the introduction of the Construction Products Regulations (CPR), we undertook to meet the testing standards EN1366-1 & 8 and comply with product standard EN-12101-7. Achieving these objectives enables us to offer in-scope CE-marked product for the European Economic Area (EEA).

CASWELL FIRESAFE® products are also used for Smoke Control; quickly and safely exhausting smoke and, as an integral part of a pressurised system, prevent it from entering protected escape routes to maximise valuable escape time. Ducts which penetrate compartment walls and floors must achieve the same fire resistance as the compartments through which they pass.


CASWELL FIRESAFE® rectangular, non-coated fire resisting ductwork to EN 1366-1 & 8

Key specification parameters:

  • Rectangular duct up to 1250 mm x 1000 mm
  • Circular duct up to 1000 mm diameter
  • Horizontal and vertical orientations
  • Test evaluation for ‘Fire Outside’ & ‘Fire Inside’ scenarios
  • Fire rated Access Doors (Insulated & Uninsulated)
  • Bespoke design for ductwork support systems
  • Insulation systems for rectangular duct providing up to 120 minutes to EN 1366-1 & 8


CASWELL FIRESAFE® has been certified as suitable for use either horizontally or vertically in Fire Resisting Ductwork systems and has the following classifications: –

E 120 (ve ho) S 1000 multi         Galvanised steel ductwork
– CE marked up to 1250mm x 1000 mm rectangular & 1000 mm diameter
– Not CE marked up to 2500 mm x 2000 mm rectangular

E 60 (ve ho) S 1000 multi          Galvanised steel ductwork
– CE marked up to 1250mm x 1000 mm rectangular & 1000 mm diameter
– Not CE marked up to 2500 mm x 2000 mm rectangular

EI 120 (ve ho) S 1000 multi       Galvanised steel ductwork (with 90 mm insulation)
– CE marked up to 1250mm x 1000 mm rectangular


CE marked CASWELL FIRESAFE® circular, non-coated Smoke Control ductwork to EN 1366-8

CASWELL FIRESAFE® branded Access Doors in 5 sizes as standard (Uninsulated & Insulated)

CASWELL FIRESAFE® branded Intumescent Sealant

FFRDL Product Summary Schedule (C-EN) details the full range of capabilities for which CASWELL FIRESAFE® is certified under EN 1366-1 & 8. These apply equally to horizontal and vertical (riser) ductwork.
A BS 476:Part24 (C-BS) version is also available on request.



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