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‘REAL WORLD’  Features / Advantages / Benefits

CASWELL FIRESAFE® product, unlike many other fire-resisting ductwork products on the market, does not require any special treatment, paint finishes or cladding to provide Stability & Integrity up to 4 hours under BS 476 : Part 24 and 2 hours Integrity under EN 1366-1 & 8 testing.

Here are some of the Features, their Advantages and 3 key Benefits derived from specifying and installing CASWELL FIRESAFE® systems.    

Feature: Non-Coated    Advantage: Swift Manufacture    Benefits: Simplicity / Convenience / Economy
Removing the need for a multi-process coating means that the manufacturing ‘turnaround’ for CASWELL FIRESAFE® ductwork orders is quicker than coated systems. This enables our manufacturing Partners around the world to react swiftly and so better meet customer expectations; especially for any urgent add-on orders

Feature: Non-Coated    Advantage: Resistance to Damage    Benefits: Durability / Aesthetics / Economy
CASWELL FIRESAFE® ductwork has no coating that could be damaged during transportation and / or installation, or which will degrade over time and / or due to vigorous cleaning. Fire performance relies on a product’s dependability and durability. It is critical that this is not compromised. Non-coated product is also particularly cost-effective over the lifetime of the building.

Feature: Non-Coated    Advantage: Ease of  Maintenance    Benefits: Convenience / Economy / Safety
CASWELL FIRESAFE® ductwork is easier to clean and maintain than spray coated or clad systems. Visual safety checks are also simple and quick to conduct, as nothing is concealed

Feature: Non-Coated    Advantage: Eco-friendly    Benefits: Safety / Environmental / Economy
CASWELL FIRESAFE® is manufactured without the need for the additional chemical processes which are required to etch, prime and coat ductwork. This eliminates both the risk of environmental impact and costs otherwise associated with the production, application and hazardous waste disposal of significant volumes of chemicals / VOCs.

Feature: Fire-Resisting    Advantage: Enhanced Protection    Benefits: Safety / Performance / Economy
Using CASWELL FIRESAFE® systems can safely assist in ‘designing’ out mechanical fire dampers. This allows considerable savings in the total capital cost of dampers, their installation and on-going costs associated with periodically testing, maintaining and, ultimately, replacing failed dampers over time

Feature: Branding    Advantage: Clear Identity    Benefits: Aesthetics / Prestige / Peace of Mind
CASWELL FIRESAFE® Fire Resisting Ductwork is reassuringly branded and labelled. Access Doors are fitted within distinctive red frames and, along with our ancillary sealant products, sport the distinctive logo to clearly identify them as an integral part of the system. Instantly recognisable as a quality, certified fire-resisting system with full traceability, it gives assurance that the level of passive fire protection specified has actually been installed.

Feature: ISO 9001    Advantage: Repeatable Quality    Benefits: Dependable / Accuracy / Peace of Mind
3rd Party audited Factory Production Control ensures that repeatable manufacturing quality – in both aesthetic and performance terms – is assured

Feature: Self-finished    Advantage: Matches DW144    Benefits: Aesthetics / Economy / Convenience
Galvanised CASWELL FIRESAFE® ductwork is a good match in overall finish to BESA DW144 – and U.S. SMACNA Standard – fire-resisting ductwork, allowing it to blend aesthetically when integrated into a system. To achieve the same result using coated or clad ductwork would require standard ductwork to be painted to match.  This would add unnecessary extra cost, time and inconvenience to any project programme

Feature: Factory-finished    Advantage: Fast / Safe    Benefits: Environmental / Simplicity / Accuracy
Unlike some other ductwork systems which require the in-situ application of bonding agents and fillers, there is no specific requirement for RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) or a well-ventilated work area, over and above normal Health & Safety measures. Installation time and complexity is reduced and on-site labour quality variances are effectively eliminated

Feature: FRD Specialists    Advantage: Competence    Benefits: Dependability / Peace of Mind / Prestige
The CASWELL FIRESAFE® brand is owned and backed by FFRDL, a member of the Caswell group of companies which itself has a pedigree in Ventilation technology dating back to 1969. FFRDL are in the vanguard of Passive Fire Protection industry efforts to improve the standard of Fire Resisting Ductwork installations. FFRDL staff members also have prominent roles on leading industry technical committees, including BSI and ASFP

Feature: BS/EN/CE certified    Advantage: 3rd Party    Benefits: Performance / Accuracy / Peace of Mind
Our capability to supply fire-resisting ductwork systems tested and accredited to British Standard BS 476 : Part 24 and EN 1366-1 & 8 creates confidence throughout the entire supply chain. CE marking of CASWELL FIRESAFE® product – where applicable in the European Economic Area (EEA) – adds yet another layer of independent verification and traceability

Feature: Technical Data    Advantage: Full Clarity    Benefits: Accuracy / Safety / Peace of Mind
FFRDL have created a full suite of guidance documents  for CASWELL FIRESAFE® systems, in both BS and EN variants. These invaluable sets include, among others, Technical Data Sheets, Technical Advisory Notes, Risk Assessments, Product Selection flowcharts, Construction Tables and Site Induction checklists and are freely available to our Clients, Consultants, Contractors and associated Building Engineering Services professionals.

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