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FIRESAFE FIRE RATED DUCTWORK Limited are specialists in fire resisting ductwork.
There are a number of key success factors that make our non-coated, fire resisting ductwork stand out from the market competition.

We believe the following make a compelling case for selecting us as your supplier of choice:

  • Market-leading CASWELL FIRESAFE® product 
  • Peerless customer support 
  • Dedicated staff with in-depth technical knowledge and solutions expertise
  • International experience


CASWELL FIRESAFE® is a range of non-coated fire resisting ductwork products.
It is a market leader in establishing this distinct product category on the International stage and is fully tested and certified to the most stringent regional, country and ISO standards. It offers excellent value, especially when compared with competitor products and / or alternative methods of providing fire resistant ductwork.

Non-coated, galvanized ductwork has many benefits. It holds significant commercial and environmental advantages over other systems which employ an intumescent / flame retardant coating.
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Coated finishes can involve extra cost and risk throughout the supply chain as chemicals are employed to degrease, etch, prime and apply the coating; additional energy is expended to dry the products and processing time is extended as the coating must fully cure before the product can be used; occupying valuable manufacturing / storage space in the meantime. Any damage during transportation would necessitate its return or replacement; adding unexpected time, cost and logistical effort and, crucially, damage during installation could, if not identified and addressed, compromise the fire resisting integrity of the building

Non-coated product completely negates all the above issues.
The product can be fabricated swiftly and without difficulty, leading to significant time & cost savings in the manufacturing process.
Non-coated product assures that ‘just in time’ or short lead contracts can be fulfilled and that both installation contractors and the Main Contractor can be confident that Plan of Work deadlines will be met, so avoiding potential penalties.



FIRESAFE FIRE RATED DUCTWORK Limited offer best-in-class customer support.
Rapid phone and e-business support means that our Partners are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to fully satisfy their customers’ needs.

Our support includes:

  • Comprehensive training to ensure our Partners thoroughly understand CASWELL FIRESAFE® products and the range of applications for which they are suited
  • Working closely with our Partners to assist them in securing necessary Local Authority approvals
  • Regular, scheduled compliance visits to verify that our Partners are manufacturing, installing and certifying systems to the correct standards
  • Face-to-face in-house training at our Partners’ manufacturing facilities
  • Where required, we organise and undertake whatever additional testing is needed to meet ever-changing Standards and Codes of Practice.

Our Staff

We are proud to have some of the most experienced and technically competent staff in our industry.

We carefully recruit quality individuals and encourage them to develop their knowledge and expertise. Currently, three members of our management team are prominent on key industry committees; namely as Chair of ASFP Technical Committee TG6, Chair of BSI FSH 22/9 committee and Executive Member of the BESA Ventilation Group Executive.

It is our staff that research and develop our products, that drive and develop our business and that support our Customers. Our Staff are our key success factor.



CASWELL FIRESAFE®  was first installed internationally in Hong Kong in 2003.

It has since been installed in many prestigious landmark projects throughout the UK, R.O.I, Macau, Hong Kong, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the USA. In each case we have supported our Partners in gaining product approvals in their respective market regions and overcoming any potential ‘roadblocks’ to developing their businesses.

CASWELL FIRESAFE® is a leading international brand of non-coated, fire rated ductwork.



Manufacturing & Distribution licence agreements for CASWELL FIRESAFE® product have been in place with our network of dedicated Partners in the UK, EU, the Middle East and Asia for many years.
This network was enhanced by the addition of a new Partner in 2018 to extend its reach to the New England region of USA.

CASWELL FIRESAFE® is a premium product and has helped to transform the businesses of our International Partners.


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