CASWELL FIRESAFE® non-coated ductwork – Good enough for ANY space

Haslingden, UK – Our reception area is in the middle of a full refurbishment here at Knowsley Road; what better than a non-coated CASWELL FIRESAFE® feature table to set it all off ?


Fusion 360° rendered drawing of CASWELL FIRESAFE® glass-topped table

Visually based on our EN Standard fire resisting ductwork specification – including ‘poppy red’ rolled steel angle flanges and matching access door – with a (obviously non-standard) frosted glass top proudly bearing our CASWELL FIRESAFE® brand logo.

Although we’re not branching out into bespoke office furniture design, we ARE happy to assist with any Fire Resisting and Smoke Extract ductwork requirements to both EN1366 : Parts 1 & 8 and BS476 : Part 24 




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